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Center for Sacred Sciences
Center for Sacred Sciences - Exploring the mystical traditions, their universal principles, and their compatibility with modern science. Teachings, practices, and resources based on the teachings of the mystics from the major religious traditions, presented in a form compatible with our modern scientific culture.

Essential Information on the Mystical Experience
The Mystical Experience Registry is a place to learn and share essential experiences of body, soul, and spiritual. We focus on those experiences that are at the center of wisdom traditions that stress personal experience and insight over dogma and institutions. . An introduction to mysticism, and information on the major types of mystical experience. Includes a place to register mystical experiences and read those of others.
Mystical texts from around the world, meditation aids, visionary art, entheogens, and music.

Golden Mean
Golden Mean contains essays on Rational Mysticism from members of the Golden Mean discussion group, which combines spiritual intuition and common sense to define the nature of reality.

Journey through an unknown land
An outline of a preparatory stance for a mystical outlook, citing conventional literary and religious sources.

The Mysteries will show you how to contact your higher consciousness online and create what you seek in life. Receive 12 free weeks. Guide to finding your own higher consciousness.

Mystic Sayings Collection
Mystic collection of sayings to uplift, inspire, enjoy, laugh, pass on.

Mystical Union Online
A student organization that provides a way to share the glory of mysticism and eliminate all myths regarding mysticism, teaching mysticism as a way of life.

Mystical World Wide Web
Large searchable archives of articles and information relating to mysticism.

Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation
The PBPF prints and distributes the works of Paul Brunton (1898-1981). Includes information about Paul Brunton, the Foundation and their programs.

Soon You Will Understand... The Meaning of Life
A brief generic guide to the meaning of life.

The Mystic
Do you know about your higher levels of consciousness and what they can do for you? Here you can explore the mystical part of your life. Nothing on earth is more rewarding. You too can enter many sublime realms of higher knowledge and remarkable functioning. A somewhat commercial offering of teachings, principles, techniques of mysticism from around the world and across centuries of time. Stated goals: discover potential, gain peace of mind, overcome stress, awaken mystically.

The Sufism of the West
The Western Sufism of William Blake. The relationship of poetry and spirituality. Idries Shah and the Blaketashi Dervishes. Interview with Khidr. The fate of Western Sufism. A comparison of Christian mysticism to Sufism. An instructive example of how cults are built and maintained, as well as an examination of the root similarities of all major world religions.

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