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Angel Focus
Angel therapy and reference guide to Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Elementals and SpiritGuides. Affliated with Guide to and definitions of angels, archangels, guardians, elementals, and spirit guides.

Angel Organica
Angel Guidance from Angel Organica. Offering a complete range of solutions for people interested in or practicing Angel Guidance. Includes workshops, chat forum, newsletter, and a catalogue of products and tools.

Offers retreats, books, and phone training to learn to walk and talk with angels. Also offers a newsletter, bulletin board, and calendar of related events.

Conversations With God
Make your entire life a Conversation with God. Conversations with God Foundation. Official companion site to Neale Donald Walsch's book. Features author profile, interviews and Q&A sections, with details of seminars, study groups and products. Chat areas and personal testimonies.

GRACE Esoteric Training Center
A source for original esoteric and new age thought,information and spiritual development - oriented to Earth Volunteers. A source for original esoteric and new age thought and information for Earth Volunteers. Includes affirmations, books, a newsletter, and description of volunteers.

Healing Journeys - ENERGY
This website is our effort to pass on to you our knowledge and experience, the actual first hand experiences and practices that we have gained over the last 15 years of study, as Masters and active energy healing practitioners in the belief that you will benefit as much as we have.

Isle of Avalon
An introduction to the mythos, atmosphere and sites of Glastonbury. Information about new age centers and activities in and around Glastonbury, UK. Includes forum, articles, reviews, oracles and online courses.

Kimbas Angels
Angelology means the science and study of Angels. Kimbas Angels contains research and information on the celestial beings we call Angels. Metaphysical and Spiritual resources also available. Expand your Mind, Explore your Path, and Enlighten your Spirit. Information and research on the angels and angelology.

Multi Dimensions
ascension, metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, cognitive psychology, consciousness, unconscious, soul, faerie, chakras, kundalini, illusions, channeling, spirituality, multidimensional, meditation. A journey through conscious, unconscious and superconscious worlds to find meditation, chakra and spiritual healing techniques for holistic well-being.

New Age Lifestyle
This site is about adopting a New Age lifestyle as an alternative to traditional Western beliefs and practices. It includes sections on health and wellbeing; examining your life from a new perspective, approaches to religion and spirituality; and helping the environment. How to adopt a New Age lifestyle as an alternative to traditional Western beliefs and practices. Includes sections on health and well being, approaches to religion and spirituality, and helping the environment.

News from Nahziryah
Highlights include consultations w/ Reverend Nazirmoreh(ABRD), mountain top retreat, holistic living, organic gardening, meditation, new age omniversity, alternative health care, newsletters, incense and oils catalogs, holistic living and book catalogs. Information, news and sales from the Nahziryah Monastic Community and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil.

Order of the White Lion
Magical! A colourful new look at the unity of old beliefs. Karma, Astrology, Tarot, Angels, Fairies, Nature, Religion, Healing, Qabalah & much more!. Presents the case for astrology, tarot, karma and the elements being part of a universal language.

Seeking to unite people on various spiritual paths into a collective on one path. Includes books, bulletins and articles, special services, and resources.

Sacred Space
Suppliers of spiritual and new age goods and fair trade gifts and clothing. Wicca, Buddhism, Fueng Shui, Crystals, and divination etc etc.

Sacred Wind
Sacred Wind. Ascended Master teachings on the Divine Mother. Raising the sacred fire for the path of the ascension. The true meaning of the divine feminine and the Goddess. Spiritual information regarding the many aspects of the Divine Mother, based upon the teachings of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

Science of Wholeness
This unusual site offers a unique combination of several paths to wholeness or wellness, natural highs, and God-realization using meditation, yogic principles, raw food, supplements, superfoods, herbs, and ionized water. Offering a combination of several paths to wholeness including meditation, breatharianism, population control, alternative health, and spiritual marriage.

Articles and features on shamanism, wiccan/pagan topics, esoterics, yoga, healing, divination, philosophy and religion.

Spiritual Encyclopedia
A spiritual encyclopedia with a personal touch. Knowledge, resources and inspiration to bring practical spirituality to life.

Spiritual Gate
Spiritual Gate publishes a daily progressive newspaper for people seeking spiritual and emotional growth. We also have an online shop with a great selection of unique spiritual gifts.

Stepping Stones
Contains enlightening stories and spirit encounters together with an online angel healing temple and metaphysical store.

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