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Americans Committed to Justice and Truth
A progressive, interfaith educational group focusing on stopping intolerance, religious fundamentalism and radical conservatism.

An Ark Called Earth
Through a "Letter to Y3K" project, this site hopes to collect, share and preserve perspectives from all faiths and cultures at the turn of the latest millennium.

Council for America's First Freedom
Council for America's First Freedom, promoting religious liberty worldwide, based upon Thomas Jefferson papers.

EarthRenewal.Org is devoted to earth renewal- environmental, spiritual, political, social- in all ways. Tolerance, compassion, oneness,teaching and love are stranded themes. As a web portal, it has over 4,000 external links, 250 pages and 80 original essays in areas ranging from Art to World History. It has sections on topics such as helping children with AIDS, environmentalism, health, animal care, education, religion, science, teaching, politics and social activism. There is also a community forum for dialog. Social activists' web portal, with over 1,000 external links, discussion form, and pages devoted to areas from Art to World History, all relating to religious tolerance and the beginings of religious belief.

Echoed Voices Online Magazine
Our Goal is to Bring you Up-to-Date on News Around the World and Current Events, Spells, Rituals and Alchemy, Author Interviews and Book Reviews, Poems from Our Readers, Sabbats and God/dess of the Month, Monthly Horoscope, Forecast, and Editorials, Action Alert, Pagan Humour, Healing Circle, Shopping, Virus Protection, Voting Polls, Awards, and so much more. Best of All, To Give You Your Voice...We Bring you the Means to Let it be Heard. If you Want to Feed your Soul, If you Want to Have all your Emotions Touched Upon...Come and Enjoy. Do Not Believe This is the End...This is Only the Beginning! . Echoed Voices is a non-profit venture dedicated to keeping you up to date on issues facing the various traditions and paths of contemporary Spirituality.

Fellowship of the Earth
F.O.T.E. was established to educate and fight against religious intolerance. Our vision is one of spiritual growth within ourselves as individuals as well as a oneness with our community. We work together to dispell some of the horrible myths and lies that are being spread about those who are of Earth Spirituality. F.O.T.E. was established to educate and fight against religious intolerance. Site is based upon spiritual growth within individuals as well as a oneness with community. Provides information about "earth based" religions and beliefs.

Forum 18 News Service
Christian initiative to report on threats and actions against the religious freedom of all people, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Foundation for Religious Freedom
Message from the Dalai Lama in wake of attack on America... At the Foundation for Religious Freedom, our common purpose is to foster understanding, tolerance and basic respect amongst all faiths faith-groups. We see a vision of near future which... Nonprofit group promoting tolerance across religious lines and exposing hate on the internet.

Heart Links
Heart Links, e-zine bringing spiritual messages and historical information on all religions. Promoting the common good that binds religions, with spiritual articles written by people of all faith & culture, as well as book reviews, links and inspirational items.

I.S.A. - International Satsang Association
I.S.A. - International Satsang Association. Promoting open access to spiritual resources. The Satsang aims to be "Open Space" where all traditions and authentic ways of spiritual practice are respected.

International Association for Religious Freedom
The International Association for Religious Freedom is an NGO with general consultative status at the UN that works for freedom of religion and belief through mutal understanding, respect and the promotion of harmony between religions, freedom of oppressive interference or discrimination by governments on the grounds of religion. Describes organization and provides compiled data detailing worldwide religious freedom.

One Vision Virtual Community
"A network of people from all walks of life embracing all belief systems working for the benefit of all mankind."

One World Insight
One World Insight - Non-profit group promoting religious tolerance and commonalities through compassion and education. Non-profit group promoting religious tolerance and commonalities through compassion and education.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
an agency promoting religious tolerance, freedom, and understanding. Having three main purposes: to disseminate accurate religious information, to expose religious fraud, hatred and misinformation, and to disseminate information on "hot" religious topics.

Site focusing on the scriptual commonality between all religious traditions. Comparison of the sacred texts of various religions on a variety of subjects. Focusing on the commonality between all traditions.
"The greatest wounds in human history, the greatest injustices, have not happened through the acts of some individual perpetrator; rather through the institutions, systems, philosophies, cultures, religions and governments of humankind."

Religious Freedom Watch
Religious Freedom Watch: Defending to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Defending to the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Religious Tolerance in Australia
This is my blog. Blog: a web log, a website halfway between a diary and a personal magazine. Create your own blog for free right now on Motime. Blog, by John Thompson, on freedom of religion, tolerance and diversity.

Spiritual Crossroads
A nonprofit, educational and service organization dedicated to creating a more conscious, compassionate, and peaceful world by embracing, nurturing, and supporting all spiritual traditions. Educational and service organization assisting spiritual organizations in communicating and publicizing the philosophy behind their beliefs.

The Corrymeela Community
Almost 30 years of reconciliation work between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Includes timelines, recent information, articles and links to more information.

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