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A Personal Tao
A blending of Art, Poetry and Literature describing the Tao. The goal is aiding others in the process of personal self discovery.

Barefoot Doctor
Pop Taoism? Sort of. Walk the Tao with the Barefoot Doctor.

Center for Daoist Studies
Mission statement, reading list, handbooks, articles, and links.

Center of Traditional Taoist Studies
Taoist temple dedicated to enlightenment and spirituality using Lao Tzu principles of Taoism.Includes philosophy and religion of the Tao, martial arts, Chi Quong and meditation. Site dedicated to practical application of Taoism.

Healing Tao USA Site
Healing Tao USA is a private Educational Trust. It operates Healing Tao University and the website and fulfillment center that sells a wide variety of Tao products.

Jave Taoism Place
This is a Web that do intro on Taoist Deities, Taoism Culture, Taoist Spiritual Articles & Taoist Rituals.

Panlatrevo is an internet resource for texts and scriptures of Taoism and Tao-related traditions. Religious philosophy resources and discussions on religion, spirituality, atheism and freethought. Centers on Taoist philosophy.

Rising Phoenix Tai Chi & Qigong, home of Rising Phoenix Tai Chi.We are based in Cardiff, UK and teach Yang Style Tai Chi and qigong in ongoing courses andresidential workshops to improve health, meditation and relaxation for individuals and corporate clients. Our aim is to provide information for the exploration and investigation of these ancient Taoist exercise systems for health, meditation & martial arts.

Siu Tao
A definite place where you can get a lot of information about Tao and its relation. Exploring the Tao. Includes both philosophical and religious Taoism as well as a discussion forum.

Tao Temple
A fellowship of Taoists dedicated to the pursuit of Classical Purist Taoism in the tradition of Lao-Tzu.

Tao's Culture Center
Tao's Culture Center is a not-for-profit organization, was set up in 1997 at Washington D.C. with several affiliates in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and PRC as well as many other states in the US and Canada. The goals are set up to enhance the understanding of Asian contemporary art and cultural heritage. Lectures, seminars, book publishing, and periodicals provided in an effort to propagate Chinese Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Taoism and the Taoist Arts
A general introduction to Taoism and the Taoist Arts of T'ai Chi, Meditation, Martial Arts, Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. A general introduction to Taoism and related arts, such as T'ai Chi, Meditation, Martial Arts and Herbalism.

Taoism Initiation Page
Online teachings about Taoism, and related concepts such as yin-yang, ziran, wu-wei and the I-ching.

Taoism: The Temple of the Immortal Spirit
Features translations, resources, and general information. (slightly graphics heavy)

Taoist Culture and Information Centre
Taoist Culture & Information Center. Taoist philosophy, current events, culture and religion.

Taoist Restoration Society
A US non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and rebirth of China's Taoist tradition. Nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and preserving China's Taoist heritage. Resources on practical Taoist living in the modern world. Discussion boards.

TaoWorks Village
Find a Taoist near you, visit the village.

The Abode of the Eternal Tao
A collection of information on contemporary Taoism.

The Daoism-Taoism Philosophy
Introduction to the authentic Taoism based on the philosophy of Lao Tzu. The Taoism Philosophy is the Tao (Way) of Lao Tzu professed in his only book which is commonly known as Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing).

The Spirit of Zeros and Ones
Dedicated to the natural world, contains randomized poetry and essays all in the spirit of the philosophy of Taoism and the I Ching.

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