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An Exploration of Sexual Spirituality
An exploration of the teaching and writing of David Deida on a radically practical, fully sexual spirituality for our time.

Compassion Sensuality
Traditionally considered a sacred approach to human sensuality and a way to gently heal experiences of sexual abuse.

Sacred sexuality novels, short stories, essays and poems. spirituality. Beyond Biblical Eros to an erotic spirituality for Earthfolk.

Goddess Dagny's Sacred Healers. Tantric Goddesses
Beautiful, captivating, tantrically hypnotic healer Dagny will caress your cares away in her tantric, hypnotic oasis.

Goddess Massage of Atlanta
Goddess Massage brings erotic intelligence to the world of sensual massage by offering therapist listings, articles on sex and sexuality, and feature stories about pleasure positive people. We offer sensual and healing massage for men, women and couples in the Atlanta area. Sensual and healing massage for men, women, and couples in the Atlanta area. Offering therapist listings, articles on sex and sexuality, and feature stories about pleasure positive people.

Journal of Spiritual Nudity
A celebration of spirit and natural states of being. From sex magic to ritual nudity, the Journal discusses all aspects of nude spirituality.

Kama Sutra
Kama sutra positions guide. history of kama sutra. related articles.

Neutopia and the New Millennium is a place for the vision and creative works of Doctress Neutopia aka Libby Hubbard Ed.D. She is a futurist, ritual artist, utopian scholar, visual arist, thealogian, social architectress, visionary, truth lover, advocate of arcology, and inner adventurer. . Offers writings and art work of Doctress Neutopia, whose mission is to create world-wide social transformation by moving towards creating a network of arcologies. Her theory is that this network can not be created without the practice of erotic spirituality.

Numena: BDSM and Spirituality
A moderated forum for discussion about BDSM and spirituality, as well as a growing archive of related articles, links, and real-world bibliographical references. Adults of any faith are welcome.

Pleasure by Design - Intimacy through Ecstasy
How to create arousal, pleasure, physical, emotional, and spiritual connections. Techniques to learn Ecstatic Sex and Sexual Ecstasy. Techniques for creating arousal, pleasure, physical, emotional, and spiritual connections.

Pure Energy Tantric Site
Pure energy is about tantric sex, sexual healing and sensual education. Learn the art of tantric love from Grace. She will teach you the meaning of deep connection, breathing techniques and other secrets for profound and lasting intimate connection.

Sacred Sex in Colorado
Sacred Sex Colorado is your source for Sacred Sex and Tantra happenings in Colorado. Includes details on upcoming events and workshops, practitioners, general information, and a chat room.

Sacred Tantra
Facilitator Robert Frey will assist you in achieving lasting personal growth and transformation, magnetize more love, higher quality love, increase intimacy and harmony in relationships, heal past wounds and disappointments.

Secret Mysteries of Sex Magick?
An essay dealing with issues of secrecy in its study and practice written by Aiwaz Thelema.

Sensual Wisdom
Providing intimacy coaching, energetic healing, and loving presence in an intuitive, nurturing environment. Jade works with sexual dysfunction, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and abuse issues. Modalities are NLP, flower essences, essential oils, healing touch, communication skills and deep listening. Works with men, women and couples of any sexual orientation. Intensives available and always willing to travel. Workshops, introductory talks and private sessions all available. Flexible scheduling, weekends available, location in Boulder is convenient to Denver. Studios in Austin, TX and Boulder, CO. . Guiding sacred union via workshops on sacred sexuality and custom designed sessions for men, women and couples.

Kama sutra positions, tantra articles, tantric sex secrets, workshops and teachers directories, advice, discussion groups, free personals, catalog and much more!. A resource for tantra, tantric sex and the kama sutra.

Tantra Deva of Maui, Hawaii
Tantra Deva of Maui, Hawaii offers her services in the art of sensual massage and sacred sexuality. Ashley offers her services in the art of sensual massage, tantra, and sacred sexuality in Maui, Hawaii. Available for in-call or out-call.

Tantra in Atlanta
Tantric Workshops in Atlanta, USA, and personal experiences of the tantric journey. Manifesting, creating and sustaining loving romantic relationships is a worthy goal. Anyaa McAndrew and Jim Stickle offer workshops and intensives to help people integrate tantric principles and practices.

Tantra Magazine
Tantra Online Magazine was conceived to help promote the discussion of Tantra and its relevancy in contemporary society.

Tantra New York
Carla, a highly respected Tantra and yoga teacher with an extensive background in body-centered psychotherapy, guides individuals and couples to their highest potential of intimacy, passion and spiritual connection. Offers workshops and private sessions in New York, California, Washington DC and Hawaii. Also an informational site with FAQs.

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