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Action Forum
Discussion forums with ratings of posts from readers.

Burning Horizons Network
Share your thoughts and ideas or seek information and help in community forums. Share thoughts and ideas or seek information and help in community forums. Any subject is welcome, from IT and science to politics and religion.

Earth Change
A unique forum where 'ordinary' people can propose ideas, cast opinions and criticism in the knowledge that their views may become the subject of global opinion polls. . Australian forum dedicated to giving ordinary people the opportunity to express their views.

Global Echo
An open publishing platform that invites registered users to post news, opinion, and comment on local and global issues. For non-mainstream political and social news and views. An open publishing platform for non-mainstream political and social news and views. Includes editorials and archived issues.

I Got Issues
A place to post an issue or to respond to an issue someone else has posted.

If I am...
Learning, research, imagination and brainstorming tool used to share information about careers, religion, art, music, money, education, government, technology, health, science and current events. Members discuss what they would do were they a doctor, a politician, a rocket scientist, and a porn star. Users must select a username and password before posting a new message.

Intellectual Outcasts Cafe
Message boards on current affairs and controversial issues. Users choose a username and password before posting a new discussion or replying to an existing one.

Let's Discuss
A community forum where the topic is aiming to peacefully discuss the world's problems.

Liberty Post: The Premier news discussion forum. News discussion forum open for people of all ideological pursuasions to browse and post articles and comments. Boards organized into issue categories.

Net Citizen is a place for people to speak to their leaders about issues of importance, both local and global. All articles and commentary are welcome. A citizen-contribution site open to anyone, for the pupose of discussing political issues both local and global and expressing opinions through poetry, art, and cartoons.

The best community to express all of your political, religious, and philosophical opinions. Features excellent forums, staff-written articles and periodicals, and a chance to have your articles published. Forums, articles, and links to publications about a variety of issues.

Peoples Forum
Free discussion on any topic. Users can post under author names of their own choosing.

Society for Progressive Cognizance
A forum for discussing social reform through diverse means, including technology, philosophy, psychology, biomedics, politicss, theoretical sciences, and methods of global communication.

The Big Conversation
Original and independent BIG Conversation dialogue and online discussion forum. UK big conversation. An independent space to exchange information and ideas through online dialogue. Focus is on common ground and solutions. Forums are on health, sustainable development, CSR, religion, education, and community.

The Mote
A discussion forum for International politics, arts and literature, languages, economics, education, etc. Self-supporting community discussing issues of politics, war, and a variety of other topics.

The Petition
ThePetitioncom - The Internet site that can help make a difference Setup your own petition or Vote, anything you feel strongly about, want a public vote, state your views, We will feature it, and with the internet at your feet the skys the limit. Allows users to create, and vote in, online questionaires and petitions.
TheFence: the leading source for online conversations, community and discussions for people who want to share opinions, meet like-minded people and join a community and forum for others like you. Debate community and background summaries of 300+ debate topics, from politics to pop culture.

Tiny Planet is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin. To visit the forum, go to . To find out about vBulletin, go to . A forum for people from all over the planet to share ideas, communicate and better understand each other.

Vote on the Net
Have your say in today's most talked about topics. If you have an opinion on anything going on in the world, here's your chance to vote.

War Forum
Offers discussion boards on current wars and conflicts, terrorism, military technology, and related subjects.

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