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Association for Criminal Justice Research (California)
A group of public servants, practitioners, evaluators, analysts and academics sharing information from a research focus. Includes membership details, conference information, list of member interest areas, and newsletters.

CAVEAT: Canadians Against Violence - About Caveat. Avocacy and education to reduce violence with a focus on public education, victims rights and the justice system.

Center for Community Alternatives
Works in the fields of juvenile and criminal justice and offers training, research and technical assistance.

Center for Court Innovation is sponsored by the Center for Court Innovation. The Center is a public-private partnership that seeks to improve public confidence in justice and tests new solutions, like problem-solving courts, to problems like drug abuse, domestic violence, family dysfunction, juvenile delinquency and quality-of-life crime. Information about problem-solving courts, such as drug courts, community courts and mental health courts, which seek to improve case outcomes for communities and litigants.

Community Justice Exchange
Shares the experience of successful community justice programs, offers searchable databases of community justice initiatives and publications, and provides news updates about the field of community justice. The Community Justice Exchange offers information and assistance to help bring together criminal justice agencies and ordinary citizens to make communities safer.

Community Justice Portal
Information exchange, networking and e-learning for people working in the community and criminal justice system. Includes news, press releases, job ads, publications, and discussion forum. [Registration required]

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation provides information to policy makers and the public to promote innovative ideas about criminal justice issues, including sentencing, drug policy reform, and police policy. CJPF provides information to policy makers and the public to promote innovative ideas about criminal justice issues, including sentencing, drug policy, and police policy.

Dr. Frank Schmalleger's Talk Justice
The World's Criminal Justice Discussion Forum. Forum for the discussion of Crime and Justice Issues.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
A bureau of the U.S. Department of Justice and perhaps the best known federal crime enforcement agency.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
NCJRS is a federally funded resource offering justice and substance abuse information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Lists publications and links on corrections, courts, crime, drugs, international crime, juvenile justice, law enforcement, research, statistics, crime victims.

South African Crime Research Guide
Webonline a South African hosting company specialising in web hosting, e-commerce, domain registrations and transfers. Online directory of resources, discussion list, mailing list and more for academic researchers, law enforcement officers and those who are working with or are interested in crime-related issues.

United States Department of Justice
United States Department of Justice home page. Primary federal criminal investigation and enforcement agency.

Vera Institute of Justice
The Vera Institute of Justice works closely with leaders in government and civil society to improve the services people rely on for safety and justice. The Vera Institute of Justice is a nonprofit organization that works closely with government to improve the services that people rely on for safety and justice.

You Have the Power
You Have the Power was founded in 1993 with a mission to raise awareness about violent crime through community involvement and collaboration with other agencies. To achieve our objective of reducing victimization, we create video documentaries and resource books, and we present public forums to government/community agencies as well as the general public. Not-for-profit agency devoted to raising awareness about criminal justice and crime prevention. Resource links and sale of educational products.

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