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Gay Monitor
Gay Monitor monitoring injustice against the Gay Community. Allan Horsfall and Ray Gosling monitor legal injustices against gay men, including the Bolton 7.

Independent Gay Forum
Noteworthy gay writers, academics, attorneys, and activists eschew the politics of left and far right, supporting instead a vision for independent perspectives on gay-related issues. Writings, commentary and debate from libertarian, moderate, and classical liberal gay perspective.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
News and resources by region/country.

Millennium March Magazine
Information and ongoing comment about the recent Millennium March.

Peter Tatchell Gay Archive
A list of articles and essays on gay rights, gay activism, queer politics, HIV and AIDS issues, human rights campaigns, the human rights abuses of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Outrage demonstrations etc. An archive of articles and essays by this world-renowned gay rights campaigner, focusing on his human rights work, his gay activism, his theories on gay culture and politics and his writings on HIV and AIDS.
Information about a sociological research project on experiences of sexual orientation. A research project at the University of Edinburgh is looking for participants in "mixed sexual orientation identity relationships".

a comprehensive Lesbian and Gay Site for lesbian history, lesbian erotica, lesbian and gay symbols, lesbian rights,what the bible really says about gays and lesbians, lesbian art, lesbian poetry ,lesbian culture, lesbian talent, lesbian music, lot's of lesbian and gay links!. Includes lesbian history, erotica, art, music and poetry. Also includes lesbian and gay symbols, links and biblical commentary on homosexuality.

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