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British Weights and Measures Association (BWMA)
Group which lobbies and promotes English/imperial weights and measures, and opposes compulsory conversion to the metric system. Includes news, position papers about the history of metrication and its impact on consumers and merchants, discussion forum, and related links.

Freedom 2 Measure
Criticizes metrication as globalist and un-American; provides arguments for the superiority of the English-American system over the metric and links to related sites.
An offbeat anti-metric site including a humorous essay critical of the origins of the metric system, a discussion forum for measurement-related news, conversion table, and related links.

Save the Pint
Opposes compulsory adoption of the metric system in Britain; online petition and a collection of news and opinion articles.

Sunderland Metric Martyrs
Defense fund for Steve Thoburn and Neil Herron, who were prosecuted under British law for using imperial measurements. Provides background, related cases, and links.

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