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Stimulating debate about politics, religion, society, and entertainment. Allows votes, debates, and discussions of today's current issues. Topics include politics, religion, society, and entertainment.

American Survey - Ruralresident.Com
Online polling site for rural America.

BigPulse Opinion Poll
BigPulse Opinion Market Polls: Interactive online polls and surveys. Harvest and rank opinions live automatically. Easy to launch and manage. High security voting, managed polls, self-managed polls and industry forums. Secure online elections. Affordable!. The hot issues opinion poll for activist groups, public interest groups, individuals, organizations and political parties. Vote daily on social, political and environmental issues.

Black Polls
Where the black community voices its collective opinion. Where the black community voices its opinions.

Casting voting, polls, contests, quizzes. Votes, polls and quizzes on news, current affairs, sport, entertainment. Votes are collected and sent to appropriate governments, politicians and other groups to influence decision-making.

Surveys about the quality of life in the respondent's community. Also allows local governments and agencies to create surveys.

Great Questions Of History Interactive
A unique and informative site questioning top historians, professors, and authors of history books. Allows you to campare your answers with that of US historians on American development.

Secure and encrypted Internet voting, testing, polling and survey services to the public and private markets. Provider of secure Internet voting, testing, polling and survey services to both public and private organizations.

Internet Chinese Surveys Central
The Internet Chinese Survey Central (service mark). This site lets Chinese people vote in opinion polls on issues Chinese people care about. Categories include computers (including Internet), culture, living, politics, and sex. Issues and opinions survey site for Chinese people. Brief and pithy, online polls cover cultural and political issues, living, sexuality, and technology.

Latest Worldwide Polls
Participate in a poll and view the results in realtime on current news, sports, politics, and lifestyle.

Mister Poll
Interactive Internet opinion poll with a directory of controversial subjects that range from politics and society to annoying personal habits. Plus, you can make your own free polls to include in your web site.

Opinion - Views of Australians
A polling site that profiles the opinions of Australians, and allows users to submit their own polls.

The top place on the Web to create and sign free public petitions on most any responsible topic. Place on the web to create and sign free public petitions on most any responsible topic. A nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion. Public Opinion Online. A nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion. Kept current with the most recent poll results.

Pollite Lens Opinion Database
A formal long-term debating system that allows each user to create a political platform, and respond to the platforms of others.

Public Debate
A poll on Australian public issues.
We can help you people find on the internet. Download Net Detective and people find on the internet within minutes. Online, realtime polls and surveys. Many different categories. Create your own poll for free and share it with your friends. You can even add it to your own website.

Survey Central
Survey Central is an interactive site where anyone can sign up to fill-out and create surveys with other people. It's just for fun, all are welcome. Post questions, answer questions, see results. Free registration.

Take Surveys with Live Instant Results
A variety of topics including: current events, politics, relationships, sex, business, job, and travel. Results of surveys.
Count and be counted! Make your opinions heard and find out what everybody else thinks about current events, pop culture and more!. Links to a variety of quick questions on a broad range of subjects.

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