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A New Democracy
Author's personal views on how the current American capitalist society needs a major change, suggesting that it is now time to flip the views of US Democracy and politics 180 degrees.

Akhtari, Mojtaba: Letter From London
Memoires and poems of an Iranian doctor who lives in the UK.

Al Martin Raw: Criminal Government Conspiracy
Alternative news and commentary on corporate/government fraud and criminal conspiracy. Features "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway," a column by government whistleblower Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy (Ret), author of "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider."
The Ultimate Blog

Alpha Love
Hard news, firey rants, and humorous observations on politics, religion, entertainment, and everything in between, with a discussion board.

Ariya Presence
Writings on evolving to a one world order, and eliminating racism and politics.

Artistic Living
"My goal is to make us, citizens of this world act, feel and behave humanely. In this way we can hope to build a world full of harmony, compassion, love and peace where we can all share and protect our environment and all living and non-living things on this planet."

Ask WHY?
Helps answer the WHYs of global happenings like September 11th, and opposition to economic globalization. By Jay Shenoy

Bad Government
Opinions about George W. Bush, the war with Afghanistan and Iraq, tax cuts, Israel, Iran and the FCC. Features an archive and links.

Big Issue Ground
Essays on issues of politics, religion, science and history. Includes website on atheism by positive atheist Thomas Ash.

Buggrit Online
Small but growing collection of essays and articles on a multitude of issues, including big business and the media.

Building Freedom,Security and Peace for All
Personal reflections on strife in the world. fundamentalist Islam, terrorism, and Russia.

A somewhat frequently updated personal journal with rants, dreams, and a little creativity thrown in now and again.

Collected Quotes
A collection of quotations and images on current issues. Draw your own conclusions.

Complex Man
A holistic discussion of 9/11, business travel, management consulting, growing-up, humour, tribalism, God, coincidence, synchronicity, serendipity, Karma, religious theology, global politics, cultural slavery, economics, politics, terrorism, interconnection and peace.

Cricket's Homepage
Personal homepage describing the author's various experiences.

Promoting freedom of speech, freedom of expression and encouraging visitors to make a difference

diogenesian discourse
The political, philosophical and general outpourings of a troubled mind.

Documenting Stupidity
Opinionated commentary on the psychology of those who come in contact with the author, often critiquing individuals' blogs.

Dome Lights
Attempts to examine current controversial issues such as racial profiling and gun control honestly and without regard to political correctness.

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