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A general rant rave and look on the world of today as Dot sees it.

Profiles of people and events the authors feel are idiotic.

Erase the Answers
Essays, fiction and poetry written to provoke thought and challenge accepted views.

International news reports and analysis of current events.

European Policy Club in Vienna
Website of the international organisation widely analysing european policy.
Commentary on current events and culture in English and Arabic.
A whole brain workout. Left brain gets an objective analysis of social and political issues and philosophical wanderings. Right brain scratches itself, channel surfs and is distracted by "purty pictures".

Free World Syndicate
Cartoons and essays by several authors, on issues related to civil rights and anti-globalization.

Important issues, poems and short stories published on the web, which may interest others seeking knowledge.

George Virsik
Opinions on various issues including philosophy, culture, ethnicity, religion and mathematics. Articles in English and Slovak. [Some articles need Adobe Acrobat Reader].

Global Issues That Affect Everyone
An insight into issues that are often misrepresented in the mainstream media. Issues covered include human rights, trade, poverty the environment, and geopolitics.

Grandpoohbah's Net Community
A compendium of links, pictures, travelogues and a message board for the discriminating netizen, covering a wide range of issues. - Express what you feel !
Gutfeel is dedicated to all those who have the courage to express what they feel and follow their own path come what may. We will be expressing our views on various issues and will have your participation as well.

Harrison, Lee - Majority Rule
Musings on a need for a dictatorship, white power, the environment, the supernatural and afterlife, and the American electoral system.

Hide In Plain Website
Dedicated to revealing the tools of American thought control in all of its forms, while shock-jacking the atrophy from the collective unconscious.

Hrnjadovic, Muharem -
Opinions and culled articles on Islam and topics in health such as vaccination, ABC weapons, and alternative medicine.

Humane Progress
Personal articles and forums dealing with social issues.

I Am Screaming Underneat
Blog containing political news, current events, satire, and some light journal work.

Illuminatrix democracy
Illuminatrix develops an understanding of the new world order and democracy. Art and beauty defy the darkness of the bush administration destroying the illuminati.

In My Humble Opinion
Opinion and commentary from an entertaining and conservative perspective.

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