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Inane Online
Some personal essays on social items.

Ira Writes
Commentary on political issues to the very personal and comic, with reference data and poetry.

Jackie Patru's Sweet Liberty
America is under attack. Corrupt courts, politicians, and international bankers conspire to undermine our Constitution and destroy liberty. State sovereignty is key to reclaiming freedom.

James Glaser's Web Site
An American veteran's daily questions the war against terrorism, our president and his cronies, and our ever-diminishing freedoms.

JC's Leees Page
Opinions from Christian Conservative angle on society, government, media, history, economics, and religion.
JD Hauser takes a hard hitting look at todays news and current events

Jean Kilbourne
Lecturer and scholar who has produced "Still Killing Us Softly," "Slim Hopes, "Calling the Shots," "Pack of Lies," and other works challenging the corporatization of human beings.

Miscellaneous information, news reports and links concerning global economy, environment, global warming, biotechnologies, bio-integrity, cybernetics, civilisations and new technologies.

Johnny Noone
Columns and works of art on social issues: politics, youth culture, intellectual property, the consumer-mono-culture, Dave, Napster, and free speech. Caution: language use is not for the timid.

Kimberly Times
An online journal of deep thoughts, explosive rants and insightful views. Also original poetry, daily posts, lyrics, photos, polls and message boards.

Life in a Nutshell: Folk Wisdom and Folklore
Thoughts on issues like gun control, earth warming, and the philosophy of a great life.

Dream interpretations, animal welfare, endangered animals, rainforest conservation, relationships and developmental psychology, philosophy of universal awareness, ethics, dvd movies, cult dvds.

Megalomania Strikes Again
Multi-faceted site devoted to "mixing satire, seriousness, and strangeness" - approximately 1/3 of each. Encompasses societal/governmental issues, as well as the author's religious and philosophical views. Includes articles, quizzes, and lists.

MizGril Sez
A social commentary website.

MJ Sebastian
His views on issues such as the Constitution, international integration, world government, revolution and disarmarment.
One man's view on a variety of national and international issues. Articles are offered free to reprint in the media.
A forum on society, lifestyles and politics. Opinions on controversial issues. Ideas for change.

Observation Deck
Opinions and theories from an Australian.

Open Eyes
A discussion-based site promoting the spread of societal issues and ideas that are mostly unknown to the general public. Topics of discussion include the environment, health, consumerism, and politics.

Pat Ward Speaks Out
Comments on politics, philosophy, and poetry.

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