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Thabigdaddy's Homepage
Includes information on dealing with bipolar disorder, abuse, and obesity. Photos and mental health links provided.

The Ambassadors Online Magazine
This is a free global bi-annual publication targeting diverse cultures and peoples. The term "global mosaicism" is its motto and it is a forum for critical intercultural discussion of different topics.

The Borgen Project
Clint Borgen seeks to make poverty, famine, and other global issues the number one priority of U.S. policy makers.

The Brent Morrison Column: Ethics, Values & Faith
Weekly columns on various topics related to ethics, values, religion and society.

The First Assembly of God Sucks
The writer's views on the First Assembly of God church and their agenda to prey on the weak minded.

The Hear2Us Network
Essays and talking points on capitalism and economics, education. health, and the environment.

The Heretic
Personal forum to discuss issues and life in today's world. Focusing on government, society, and safe sex issues.

The Intellectual Viewpoint
Personal commentary addressing issues in modern society on politics, responsibility, behavior, philosophy, fitness, travel, literature, and films.

The Interior Castle
The author's take on philosophy, religion, politics, and life in general.

The Midnight DJ
Includes articles on history, politics, racism and religon.

The Objective Observer
Author's views on several subjects, including gay issues, religion, science, and black interests.

The Peace Organization
Focuses on non-violence, including information about animal rights and becoming vegetarian.

The Protected Forest
How to be more environmentally friendly and steps that can be taken in one's own home to make the world a healthier place, while saving money and resources at the same time; find natural alternatives to harmful products.

The Soapbox
A web site serving human rights, labor, native, feminist, peace, development and environmental activists, in Spanish and English.

The Toryboy Website
A political website consisting of a collection of articles, analysing important political issues with a centre right slant.

The Wisdom Project
A democratic and open source think tank. The only rule is open honest dialogue in search of the best solutions to our biggest problems.

The Wonderful World of Me
A boricua from Harlem speaking on issues of "minorities" and other day to day things.

This is a War.Com
A collection of writings addressing many topics, including abuse, addiction, and parenthood.

Thought Bomb
Providing links and commentary on radical currents events in politics, art, and theory.

Tipton, Harman
Songwriter from San Diego writing songs about justice, human rights and the issues and ideas that are important to him.

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