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To herd or not to herd.
A blog discussing new ideas and points of view that may affect the reader's personal evolution.

Towards a Better Future
Personal writings on business management, economics, and Judeo-Christianity.

Leading Edge International Research Group, offering planetary and social paradigm analysis and discussion.

Trumpet America
A forum for civic engagement. Debate and discourse on national issues and American society, with an emphasis on Florida.

Unsung Heroes
Every community has people who work without recognition,unpaid and beyond the call of duty that their position requires. A list of these and their activities can provide inspiration for others.

Utopian Reject - Social Commentary
Mordant commentary on various issues by a Utopian Reject.

Offers the ability list a rant in various categories and to read submissions from others.

Vuja Dave
Views on the consumer-driven marketplace, OPEC, reparations and coal miners, big government and big tobacco.

Warped Imagination
A site dedicated to commentary on a wide variety of subjects.

Watson's Web
A site that looks at today's issues in a moral and religious way. The site covers international issues such as Kosovo, Russia, and China. The site also covers issues such as gun control, abortion, globalization and other US domestic other issues.

Wednesday Club
A site dedicated to being an open forum about social and political issues, current events, and subversive actions. The site also features orginal articles written by its creators.

Who's Evil
A list of every Evil corporation, politician, government, ideology, and everything else.

WisClean...For An Ethical Wisconsin
Mike Dorrough's views of Wisconsin judicial, legal, and other systems that block his struggle to bring a unique short wave radio service to blind and visually impaired people.

Wolf's Cry
Wolves, nature, and Native Americans. Many pictures, poems and knowledge to be found.

World Rights Watch
Global watchdog site for human, environmental and animal rights.

Worlds of Al Carnali
Site includes observations both political and personal, commentary, and reviews.

Opinions on various issues including current affairs, politics, law, philosophy, science and culture. A weblog from Canada.

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