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Big Fat Site
Big Fat Site: Video games, e-business, Web building, tech news and more. Articles, reviews, fandom columns and other opinion writing. Articles, reviews, fandom columns and other opinion writing. Archives include information on some video games and e-business.

Sub-cyberculture of wearable digital cameras.
Internet Interactive Resource dedicated to the anthropological study of cyberspace. . Includes virtual seminars, a course finder, activity calendar, debates, comics, book reviews, and quizzes, and links to other related sites. -- a comprehensive guide to online journals, diaries, and personal weblogs. A comprehensive guide to online journals and diaries. Information on registration, journal lists, and prompts.

Electronic Literature Directory
A comprehensive database of listings for electronic works, their authors, and their publishers.

gumey - random, animation, design, information, subculture. Random art, animation, and site news.

HoleWorld - Guide to the Virtual Underground. Guide to the True Underground.

Eastern Europe visual experience.

Jerkcity is a daily comic strip featuring the adventures of deuce, pants, rands and spigot. A comic strip made by internet chatters, for internet chatters, using an internet chat program (MS "Comic" Chat). Unintended social commentary on cyber-living.

The designers' lunchbox, a global digital design portal for people who actually have something to say, and know how to do it. Updated weekly with a new issue, updated hourly with design news. A matrix architect's information designer lunchbox.

A website devoted to Microsoft's downfall.
Directory of contributed links. Also an archive and contact information.

MkzdK 4.2
Uses creative web arts to look at the Cosmos and new cosmologies, Gaia and gaian science, the Earth adventure and the life of the spirit.

Net Culture at
The ultimate learning resource for both beginning and experienced Internet users. Internet 101, 201, browser tips, search engine guidance, technical glossaries, Internet news articles, email, blogging, chatting, spam defense, anti virus, multimedia, RSS, peer sharing, HTML and more. Articles and links to web fads, cultures and offbeat resources.

The problems of the future today and flash portal. Club a Seal, Telebubby Fun Land and Pico.

Web news management built from scratch in php and glp'ed for portal cyber world building pleasure.

Planet X
A participatory self-adaptive website, where the content is contributed by its users. Where science fact meets science fiction.

Pop! Tech 2000 : Being Human in the Digital Age
Explore Internet popular culture, privacy issues, and online ethics.
Resources for slackers. Software, mods, resources, and cpu overclocking.

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