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DarkHeaven, the website of Dark Culture... Angel and MyLo host a Gothic forum and provide brief articles on Gothic themes, including music, dark books and movies.

Release Me
Release Me opened in 2000 for place to get answers on hauntings, a site that actaully pay attention to the visitors, it opened for you. Release Me has a lot of info on hauntings, ghost stories, ghost pictures, Ridge Home, an abandoned mental hospital in Arvada Colorado. There is pleanty of info on psycholoy subjects such as phobias and serial killers. Listings and interactions on Urban Legends, poems and awards. A page dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne. Come in, but keep the lights on. Hundreds of pictures of abandoned places, thousands of haunting places, serial killers, phobias, ghostly pictures, and urban legends.

The Crow's Nest
A disscusion forum for all you Goths, Vampires & people who wear trench coats in the summer.

The Dark Side
Image database, text files, net-goth gallery, club listings, and links.

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