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Androgyne Online
A site dedicated to educating the public as to the nature of androgyny and the androgyne

Butch Dyke Boy Productions
The Homepage of Butch Dyke Boy Productions, serving the genderqueer,trans, and dyke Communities in Boston. Community listings, links, articles and opinions. . The organization that puts on GenderCrash in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Articles written by a transsexual genderqueer woman which give distinctions between transsexuals and genderqueers.

Information about GenderBlur, a bimonthly social event, cabaret, and party open to people of all genders. The organization also makes the event accessible to people of all disabilities(Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA).
Perpetual web art project by and for queer and genderqueer people. A web 'zine intended to provide an artistic, emotional, intellectual, and social outlet for people who identify as genderqueer. Includes a frequently asked questions (FAQ) on genderqueer versus intersexed, transgender, and transsexual.

The Eunuch Archive
The Eunuch Archive is a support site for the Eunuch Community. This page includes information about castration and may be offensive or inappropriate for some.

The Fairy Butch Dynasty
Fairy Butch events in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA) for transpeople and allies. (Fairy Butch, aka Karlyn Lotney, also writes for Curve, a U.S. lesbian magazine)

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