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Genetic Org
Klinfelter's support site. Designed to provide support and education for families and professionals dealing with these genetic conditions, including sex chromosome variations 47XXY, 48XXYY, 48XXXY, 49XXXXY, and 46XY/47XXY mosaic.

GIRES: The Gender Identity Research & Education Society
Registered UK charity that sponsors research and education on gender identity.

Intersex Society of North America
ISNA is a peer support, education, and advocacy group founded and operated by and for intersexuals: individuals born with anatomy or physiology which differs from cultural ideals of male and female.

The Genetic Interest Group
UK-based organisation that aims to increase the public/government profile of genetic conditions. The AIS Support Group (UK) is affiliated to GIG.

UK Turner Society
Contains support, information on hormone replacement therapy for folks with Turner's, health issues for folks with TS, and personal stories.

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